Energy Saving Tips for Lockdown

The COVID-19 crisis has led to millions of people being in the house throughout the day; working, homeschooling and shielding. Of course, this means more energy being used, especially as it gets colder and darker. So, to prevent your bills skyrocketing, we’ve come up with some energy saving tips for lockdown. Interested? Keep reading. 


Usually, when people are out at work and school, the heating is left off during the day. However, with extended time spent indoors, people will have the thermostats turned up high. Don’t heat your house for the entire day. Consider the times of the day you’d like the heating to be set, and go from there. Every degree that you turn the thermostat down, can save you £80 per year. That’s something to consider. 


Unplugging your chargers could save you £30 a year. Remember to turn off tablets, laptops and consoles as soon as soon as you’re finished with them. Ideally, you should unplug your internet router when the last person goes to bed and switch it on again in the morning. If in doubt, check the instruction manuals of your appliances. 


If you’re working at home, often it’s necessary to have the lights switched on, especially throughout the wintertime. Make sure that everyone turns off every light when leaving a room and you can save up to £15 a year. Consider replacing your light bulbs with LEDs – while it costs about £100 to do, it’ll save roughly £35 a year. 

Hot drinks

Working from home probably means lots more teas and coffees being made. Remember to only fill the kettle as much as you need. This will save heaps of energy and a little bit of money – £6 a year. 


If everyone in your house aimed to spend one less minute in the shower per day, this could save up to £7 per person, per year. Everyone loves a long hot shower, but if you want to save money, follow this energy saving tip for lockdown. 

Washing clothes

Washing your clothes at a lower temperature (maybe 30 degrees rather than 40) can save up to £52 a year. A cooler load is kinder to your clothes, reducing colour loss and fabric damage your clothes. However, an occasional hotter wash helps to keep the washing machine itself clean and bacteria free. 

These are just a few of our energy saving tips for lockdown that will save you money and not cause huge changes to your life. Check out our other blogs for electrical advice and ideas.