PAT Testing in the Workplace

Electricity, as you know, is everywhere. It is used in every aspect of life. However, it can be dangerous. It is extremely important to test your electricals regularly. Let us introduce you to: Portable Appliance Testing. It’s a series of checks which safeguards everyone in your business and ensures that you meet the Electricity at Work Regulations. Although they are not a legal requirement, they are crucial for safety. The tests are generally very quick to do, but if an appliance fails a PAT Test, it must be removed from the premises immediately. In this article we’re going to talk you through PAT Testing in the Workplace and fill you in on everything you need to know. 

Three Stages of a PAT Test

There are three stages of a PAT Test. Firstly, the electrician will carry out a visual inspection of the electrical equipment to check for damage such as split cables. 

Next, an insulation test happens. The insulation protects the current of electricity, so it is vital that it is up to the mark. Finally, to protect users from electric shocks, an earthing continuity test is carried out. When the appliance has passed, it can be labelled with a PASS sticker. 

How often?

A common question we hear is: how often should I be having PAT Tests carried out?

For hotels, shops and offices, we recommend once every 4 years. But if you’re talking about portable equipment, try every 2 years. If you mean hand held equipment, test every year. For equipment used by the public, it is vital that you get this tested every year. Again, portable or handheld items should be tested twice a year. 

A mentality that many people have is ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ This is wrong. Failing to find faults, or replace faulty equipment contributes 24% of the thousands of electrical fires in non-residential buildings every year – these are statistics no one should ever, ever ignore. Approximately 1,000 accidents at work each year involve electric shocks or burns, according to the Health and Safety Executive. These could all be avoided through effective PAT Testing.


No one wants an electrical accident and no one wants to put their staff in danger. (Hopefully!) So a quick PAT Test can put your mind at ease, knowing that all the electrics in the building are in great condition and certified safe for use. It can save you money, time and possibly lives! Get in touch with us if you want to get your PAT Testing done.

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