Best Lighting Solutions for Windowless Bathrooms

A bathroom without windows can be dreary, dark and depressing. When going through your morning routine, you need light to complete your usual tasks, like brushing your teeth, putting on makeup or shaving. So, if you don’t have the natural lighting, we’re here to tell you about the next best thing. Keep reading for the best lighting solutions for windowless bathrooms. 

Type of Bulb

First things first, you’ll want to make yourself aware of the different types of light bulbs there are. We’re talking about halogen incandescent, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs.) Bathroom lights tend to be switched on and off a lot, so LED’s are your best option because of how energy efficient they are. 


If you have to make up for the lack of natural light, you will want very bright bulbs. Brightness is measured in lumens. A typical household bulb emits about 800 lumens For a windowless bathroom, ideal total lighting is at least 2,000 lumens. That means you will need two or three bulbs to reach your ideal bathroom brightness. 

Personal Preference 

If you are going for a spa kind of vibe, you won’t need very much light at all! Candles and dimly lit bulbs will work well for this. If you want a bright, airy space, you can do this without windows if you choose your colour palette carefully. It all comes down to your own personal style, so do your research and then get to it. 

Light Fixtures

Your bathroom light fixtures will be different from those in other rooms. Consider accumulated moisture, you don’t want this to escape into spaces and cause mould. A bathroom exhaust fan is always a good option for this. You also should avoid low hanging lights and look into vanity lighting solutions. 


While you want your windowless bathroom to be illuminated and bright throughout the day, if you’re tired, perhaps a dimmer would be a good idea. And what about a fresh lick of paint? A light colour on the walls will, of course, brighten a room too. It’s important to think about other ways to brighten the room, apart from light. 

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing the lighting for your bathroom. It comes down to personal style and research. This article will hopefully give you an informational jump start for best lighting solutions for windowless bathrooms.

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