Rodents and Electrics

You may be thinking, what is the correlation between mice and electrics? Well, did you know that rodents chew through everything?! Their tiny teeth can snap through wires and can add a serious electrical bill to your month. Here at Harcon, we have a bit of advice for dealing with the ‘rodents and electrics’ problem.


To begin, we need to make it clear that rodents and electrics pose a serious hidden threat to your safety. The tiny teeth never stop growing, and biting through a wire could cause a fire. Now, give this some thought: according to the  National Fire Protection Association, fires caused by home electrical failure or malfunction kill more than 420 people per year? Injuries associated with such fires average 1,370 per year. To ensure your safety, you must have an awareness of the insulation of your wires.

How to protect your electrical wiring

Rodents like to nest in the quiet, hidden parts of your home. An example of this, on top of electrical wiring behind an appliance. Beware –  it could cause excessive overheating and might actually lead to shortened circuits, tripped breakers, electrical power cuts and fires. It is vital to have a thorough safety check carried out by your electrician. Putting a stop to rodents before they damage your electrics is so important. Contact us today.

How to tell if a rodent has been chewing at the wires

Due to the fact that rodents are nocturnal, you may not spot them immediately. They are usually very small and can hide underneath things. You must remain vigilant and if you notice issues with your electrics, consider searching for signs of rodents. 

To proactively determine if mice or rats are chewing on your electrical wiring, check your wiring throughout your home regularly, even if you haven’t noticed any issues with it. Keep your eyes peeled for teeth marks and scratches on the wires, and have a look for fecal matter from these pests. Rodent droppings are black and hard. Listen out for rustling and chewing noises, sometimes you will hear a rodent before you see it. 

Our team at Harcon suggest keeping alert and being aware of rodents in your surroundings. If you have any questions, issues or would like a thorough inspection, contact us today.