LED Lighting Energy Saving Project Lisburn

LED Lighting Energy Saving Project Lisburn

Giving our Client the correct advise from the start of this recently completed project was key, we followed these simple steps.

  1. SURVEY of the site – this involves details of the existing lighting, liaising with the client on their requirements and where improvements can and need to be made.
  2. SAVINGS calculation  – We provide a Return of investment on the project cost, detailing annual savings made by changing to LED in comparison to existing non efficient lighting.
  3. DESIGN for your lighting – This includes selection of fittings, lighting level drawings to determine the lux levels to be achieved on ground and spread of light.
  4. SUPPLY of light fittings – We use only quality products that have a 3- 5 year warranty to provide you with energy efficient lighting that will reduce your maintenance costs whilst providing the light level required.
  5. INSTALL – Our engineers are all 18th edition fully qualified electricians, IPAF trained with health and safety at their forefront. Completing the installation of the new lighting taking the necessary steps to ensure the project will cause minimal obstruction to everyday running your business.

Multiple large industrial workspaces had its lighting transformed resulting in perfect lighting levels for their workshop engineers to carry out their job safe and effectively, not to mention massive savings have been made on their current electricity spend.

If you need our services we would be happy to help make your workspace energy efficient, whilst you save on energy and maintenance costs!


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