Electrical Resolutions for the New Year

2021 has finally rolled around and we have high hopes for this year. Now, everyone is getting stuck into their new year resolutions; be it running a mile a day and eating healthier. But let’s think about the electrical side of things. Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 50,000 fires are caused each year by faulty electrical systems in homes? These fires injure up to 1,570 people per year, and kill around 420. You don’t want to be one of those statistics. So here are some electrical resolutions for the New Year. 

Extension leads:

As simple as this sounds, be careful about where you place your extension leads. These handy features can take the power from one room to another, but don’t overlook them as a hazard. 

Water + Electricals:

We all know that this is a terrible pair, but we need water and electricals in kitchens and bathrooms. So how do we get around it? Introduce a ground fault circuit interrupter. These ground out the socket if water is introduced and will keep your family and your home safe. It is important to note that these outlets can detect an abnormality within the outlet. This means that they will shut off when a child’s fingers or toes are introduced – so you can keep your little ones safe. 

Replace smoke alarms:

Smoke detectors can be your saviour in the case of an electrical system going awry. By checking and testing your smoke alarms, you can protect your house from all fires and keep you and your family safe. 

Energy Efficient Appliances-

It’s 2021. Time to start saving on electric bills and install energy efficient appliances. 

Surge Protectors

– An overloaded circuit can cause a power surge and the sparks created can lead to a fire.  Why not invest in a surge protector to keep you safe? 

Damaged cords

A kink on your electrical cord might be enough to cause a fire. It is important to inspect all visible chords. Electrical wires are required to be taped properly and inspected by an electrician to ensure there are no kinks.

So, why not incorporate these handy tips and tricks into your resolutions for 2021? Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe is a top priority, so let’s get started.